Final preparations

← Paperdialogues  Ι  11. March 2015

The exhibition in the Vigeland Museum is opening tomorrow, and the artists and museum staff have had a busy day making final preparations. The artists have also been talking to the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) who came to do a coverage on the Paper Dialogues project.

The Paper Dialogues exhibition is soon available for a Norwegian audience! The venue this time is the unique Vigeland Museum in Oslo. Opening date for the exhibition is 13. March, and both Bit and Qiao will be present at the opening ceremony. We hope to see you there!

Paper dialogues at Vigeland’s website ›

Preparing for 2015

← Paperdialogues  Ι  17. December 2014

Last week the Paper Dialogues team was gathered in Trondheim to plan the upcoming exhibitions in Norway. Less than three months left to the opening at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo! We hope to see many of you there!

The Paper Dialogues has visited a new room and encountered new people. The second venue for the exhibition was the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai, where the artworks were exhibited for one week during the China Shanghai International Arts Festival. Next stop: Norway!

Bye bye, Beijing

← Paperdialogues  Ι  21. October 2014

As the Paper Dialogues exhibition moves on to Shanghai, we must conclude that the first chapter of the exhibition tour has been a success. A large number of spectators have come to see the two dragon paper-cuts in Today Art Museum in Beijing, many of whom have also contributed to the project by creating inspired paper-cuts in the exhibition workshop. One major highlight was the official opening on 5 October, where the Norwegian Ambassador to China was among the many guests. The ambassador also gave an opening speech to the exhibtion.

Exhibition workshop

← Paperdialogues  Ι  21. October 2014

The exhibition in Beijing has inspired many paper-cutters, both children and grown-ups. Some have even cut their own interpretation of Bit’s future dragon egg.

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten was represented at the exhibition opening in Beijing. This article was published in the print version of the newspaper on 14 October.

Exhibition opening

← Paperdialogues  Ι  04. October 2014

After years of preparations – and an intensive final week for both Scandinavian and Chinese team members – we could finally open the first Paper Dialogues exhibition this week. It has become a beautiful and evocative installation in Today Art Museum in Beijing. The exhibition hall contains also a popular paper-cut workshop, where Qiao entertained some of the first visitors with his paper-cutting skills. Now we are looking forward to the official opening ceremony on Sunday.


← Paperdialogues  Ι  04. October 2014

The catalogue came from print just in time for the opening! Already for sale in the Today Art Gift Centre.

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