On the move to Denmark

← Paperdialogues  Ι  20. February 2019

The Paper Dialogue exhibition opens at Centre for Paper Art in Denmark the 22 of March 2019. The exhibition is opened by the Danish Minister of Culture, Mette Bock and also we have the honour that the Chinese ambassador Mme Deng Ying and the Norwegian ambassador Mrs. Aud Kolberg will attend. The exhibition will be on display at Centre for Paper Art until 22 September, 2019. The exhibition is realized with support from Kulturministerets Udlodningsmidler and Spar Nord Fonden.

In 2016, the exhibition was invited to Jersey in the Channel Islands, which has its own distinct dragon legend. The visit saw ArtHouse Jersey engage with seven local artists to work with pupils at the island’s schools over several months. Together they created a fantastic paper dragon sculpture, which was exhibited in Jersey’s main library. 

 Having invited Jersey to join the ongoing world tour, the Paper Dialogues project has now engaged with two local artists, Emma Reid and Layla May Arthur, to create their personal interpretations of their native Jersey and the local dragon legend. The artists’ paper works explore the history, landscape, traditions, and soul of the island—all the things that have shaped today’s Jersey.

What will happen when the dragons of China, Denmark and Jersey meet? We hope that dialogue, understanding and mutual inspiration will be the keywords, and that a new and larger conversation will emerge from meeting with the audience — a conversation to which everyone is invited. 


Welcome to the Paper Dialogues!

On the move again

← Paperdialogues  Ι  05. October 2016

The Paperdialouge exhibition will appear again, now in Jersey: A new version of the exhibition will open on October 12 th in a purpose built temporary gallery space within the Assembly Rooms of the St. Helier Town Hall. Professor Xiaoguang Qiao and Karen Bit Vejle will be running a combined Masterclass to each six local artists how to paper-cut. With their new skill they will create their own pieces of paper-cut work and will be responsible for igniting a huge community outreach program with local school children and the general public. All the works created (by artists, students and the community) will be exhibited in a celebratory showcase in 2017 titled ‘Paper Talks’.

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Final destination

← Paperdialogues  Ι  18. June 2015

On Saturday 13 June 2015, the Paper Dialogues exhibition opened in the National Museum Of Decorative Arts And Design in Trondheim, Norway. Trondheim is where the idea of a paper dialogue between Norway and China was born, several years ago.

Many spectators and prominent guests from both countries attended the opening ceremony, where also musicians from the Trondheim Soloists played an important part. We hope the exhibition will be well attended during the summer months, and wish everyone welcome to the final stage of the Paper Dialogues!

On the move

← Paperdialogues  Ι  28. May 2015


Good bye Oslo. Next stop: Trondheim.

Good reviews

← Paperdialogues  Ι  25. March 2015

Art critic Tommy Olsson writes a good review of the Paper Dialogues in the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen – and claims that the work of the two artists has «volcanic dimensions».

See also video from NRK News ›

The exhibition at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo opened on 12. March. Among the speakers at the opening ceremony was China’s ambassador to Norway, Zhao Jun, and both artists did a presentation of their work. Almost a week after the opening the exhibition has already been attended by a large number of spectators, and hopefully several more will get the chance to visit, as the museum is open throughout Easter (closed on Good friday and Easter Sunday).

Final preparations

← Paperdialogues  Ι  11. March 2015

The exhibition in the Vigeland Museum is opening tomorrow, and the artists and museum staff have had a busy day making final preparations. The artists have also been talking to the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) who came to do a coverage on the Paper Dialogues project.

The Paper Dialogues exhibition is soon available for a Norwegian audience! The venue this time is the unique Vigeland Museum in Oslo. Opening date for the exhibition is 13. March, and both Bit and Qiao will be present at the opening ceremony. We hope to see you there!

Paper dialogues at Vigeland’s website ›

Preparing for 2015

← Paperdialogues  Ι  17. December 2014

Last week the Paper Dialogues team was gathered in Trondheim to plan the upcoming exhibitions in Norway. Less than three months left to the opening at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo! We hope to see many of you there!