While we are looking forward to the Paper Dialogues United States tour in fall 2022 let’s take a glance back in time to the exhibition at Museum for Papirkunst in Blokhus, Denmark in 2019. Vernissage March 22, 2019:

Picture 1: From left: Emma Reid, Professor Qiao, Chinese Ambassador Mme Deng Ying, Danish Minister of Cultur Mette Bock, Bit Vejle, Norwegian Ambassador Fr. Aud Kolberg, and Layla May Arthur.


Picture 2: Cutting of ribbon at Vernissage, from left: Norwegian Ambassador Fr. Aud Kolberg, Danish Minster of Culture Mette Bock, and Chinese Ambassador Mme Deng Ying.


Picture 3: Chinese traditional tea ceremony at the Vernissage.


Picture 4: Professor Qiao’s 9 meter long papercut ‘Fish and Dragon Change’.


Picture 5: Layla May Arthur’s ‘My Childhood Home’.


Picture 6: Emma Reid’s ‘Jersey Dragon’.


Picture 7: Bit Vejle’s Dragon Egg no. 1.


Photo courtesy: Poul Nymark and Amalie RugÄrd